Wound Care Treatment: Choosing The Proper Wound Care Dressings

Medical News Today notes that wounds are quite common among people and are mostly caused by dermatologists, while performing biopsies and other skin related surgeries.  Such wounds can be very hard to take care of and might take a lot of time to heal.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, healing of wounds can be accelerated by using wound care dressings that allow moisture and air to pass through them. By maintaining a moist environment, such dressings aid in the healing process and help the patient in recovering from his wounds much more quickly.  

Types of Wound Care Dressings

Wounds International notes that there are a number of wound care dressings that can be used for effective and quick healing of wounds.

•    Polyskin II Transparent Dressing by Invacare Supply Group is a great dressing for wounds that allows moisture to seep through it, thus increasing the rate of healing of the wound.

•    Hydrogels are another type of wound care dressing that has the capability of creating a moist environment for the wound to heal up quickly.

•    Invacare Supply Group’s Restore Calcium Alginate Dressing is an excellent wound dressing that makes use of calcium salts which when come in contact with the sodium containing exudate of the wound, produce a sodium alginate gel which maintains the moisture and accelerates the healing process of the wound.  

There are many other types of wound dressings that can be used for increasing the rate of healing of a wound. However, the decision of which one you’ll need and when you will need it will rest on a number of factors.  

Deciding Which One is Best for You

The following are some of the parameters identified by Wounds International  that can help you in deciding which dressing to apply to your wounds.  

•    The location of the wound.

•    The size of the wound.

•    The material that is coming out of the wound as exudate and its quantity.

The location and size of the wound need to be properly analyzed before making a decision about the wound dressing. Moreover, the choice of the wound care tape should be made on the basis of the type of the wound exudate and its amount.  

In short, wound treatment using the right wound dressings can greatly enhance your chances of recovery from a painful injury. However, it will require you to choose the dressing wisely, keeping the above-mentioned parameters in mind when making this important decision.