The wound vac in negative pressure wound therapy

According to Wounds Research, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system using V.A.C (Vacuum Assisted Closure) therapy is the latest therapeutic method for healing wounds quickly and more effectively. It has been approved by the health care watchdog, FDA, as well.

The wound vac that is used in NPWT is made of a foam dressing that utilizes vacuum, as the means for healing the wound. The vacuum is created by the use of a vacuum pump that generates the negative pressure required for this system to work.  

How Does it Work

The wound vac used in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy system works in the following order.

•    The healing process is started by extracting the excess fluid from the wound.

•    The extraction of this fluid is done using a vacuum tube inserted into the wound through a foam dressing.

•    Once the fluid has been removed, the flow of blood to the wounded area increases and it starts to heal quickly.

The reason why the wound vac used in NPWT is able to aid the healing process of wounds is because it generates two types of strains, namely microstrain and macrostrain. Both these forces help in the closure of the wounds’ edges and in diminishing the edema respectively.

 Moreover, the macrostrain also prevents chances of infection by removing the exudate from the wound, while microstrain stretches the cells so that the wound can heal quickly.   

Is it Beneficial or not?

Wounds Research notes that the NPWT is much more beneficial for healing wounds than wound care tapes and dressings because of the following reasons.

•    It reduces the chances of infection.

•    It can accelerate the wound’s healing process.

•    It is a customizable method that can be changed, according to the specific needs of the wound.

The Negative Pressure Wound Therapy has been approved by FDA and is being used in medical centers for the treatment of wounds. However, there are some concerns associated with this therapy as well, which has resulted in deaths due to severe bleeding. This is the reason why the FDA is asking patients using this treatment method to take certain precautions before making use of it on a regular basis.
So, even though it is true that the wound vac used in NPWT is capable of healing the wounds quickly, it is still a new method that needs further refinement before it replaces any other methods being used for wound care.