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Discount Medical Supplies is now dedicating a entirely new product category for Pediatric Rehabilitation Equipment, and other pediatric medical equipment. This is our newest effort to provide the best available service for our customers. By sorting our products this way we are hoping to provide our customers a much more easy and convenient way to get what they need for their children. Children, as they are in a developmental stage of their lives require special and attentive care. Those children, who are going through rehabilitation at an early age, are at a crucial juncture of their lives. And proper assistance can affect their world and help them lead a normal life. 

Caring for children with special needs is a demanding responsibility, and at those times of need the necessity of having the proper equipment and tools are key. If your child is going through rehabilitation for whatever reason, we truly understand and value your concern and wishes to always provide what’s best for them. Physicians, with the purpose of being a leading supplier of medical equipment for both doctors and patients, founded Discount Medical Supplies. We stand by a philosophy of always providing the highest quality at the lowest most convenient price possible, while providing our customers with proper and efficient service. By creating the Pediatric Rehabilitation Equipment category, we attempt to continue venturing in that direction.


We are industry leaders as providers for rehabilitation equipment and related items, we have supplied professionals, health institutions and the general public, our pediatric catalogue includes Pediatric Folding Walkers, Non-Folding Walkers, the Star Red Posterior Gait Trainer, as well as arm slings and Shoulder IMMs. Equipment that can provide the necessary assistance to help in the rehabilitation process of your child.

Besides offering Pediatric Rehabilitation Equipment, we also carry a catalogue of different medical supplies especially designed for pediatric care, all this added to our already extensive catalogue of medical products that you can order right now. Feel free to browse around to check our many different options available to you, as we are constantly adding new items to our selection. Furthermore, we also welcome you to contact our customer service department and talk to our staff in case that you have any further questions regarding our online store. Also be sure to register to our newsletter so you can receive all our information of new products and special promotions. 

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