Kinesio Tape:The secret behind the goals

Watching the current World Cup in Brazil, most people have noticed the appearance of colored tape on their bodies; on their backs, arms, and legs. That what you are seeing is Kinesio Tape, a cutting edge new effective way to mend injuries and help them go back into action and perform as they would regularly.

Kinesio Tape is a highly elastic, super thin therapeutic tape that can be applied directly to your skin where the muscles and/or joints are helping them to promote directional stretch and support.

In the Soccer world the kinesio tape was brought to the forefront when Italian Striker Mario Balotelli celebrated scoring a goal at the Euro 2012 by removing his shirt and revealing three light blue stripes on his lower back. The world took notice afterwards, and suddenly it became the talk among athletes and physiotherapists everywhere. Although this idea has been floating in the world since 1970.

Kinesio tape before, during and after physical activities and can be worn for at least five days without causing any harm to the skin. It is used to help alleviate muscle pain, help the healing process of recovering injuries and also it helps to prevent injuries, as well. Using the kinesio tape allows for better blood flow to muscles and joints. It is a medication free method to help strengthen muscles and to help soothe muscles that have been overworked.

Notably, we have see the Kinesio tape make an appearance on several games of the World Cup, it might be a bit tough to spot the players using it but we have seen USMNT’s breakout star Jermaine Jones wear kinesio tape as well as we caught a small glimpse of the tape on the team’s captain Clint Dempsey. As the tournament progresses and the physical strain on the player’s muscles increases expect to see the top players in the tournament, show more of it. For example, if Sergio Aguero from Argentina were to return from his injury, very likely you will see him with a kinesio tape on his leg.

Kinesio tape has over 1200 recognized applications, which include taping for knees injuries, shoulder, back, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder, low back pain, shin splits, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injury and tennis elbow. Kinesio Tape and the method of adhesive application help to promote directional stretch and breathability. It helps the muscles relax and give it a comfortable feel.

More and more we will see professional athletes wearing it everywhere.

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