Santa Monica medical supplies for an emergency

Santa Monica is a beautiful beachfront city in California, but it’s not all fun in the sun. The city’s official website knows that, and that is why it has an emergency preparedness activity guide especially aimed at the younger ones. Here at Discount Medical Supplies we’re all about preparedness, which is the reason we offer you Santa Monica medical supplies for an emergency, for example several different Compact First Aid Kits. Our products are meant to be used by adults, and even then, under the supervision of a doctor in many cases. However, healthcare is a family-wide concern, including children and even pets, as the aforementioned guide suggests.
Among the recommendations made by the city of Santa Monica are having children learn their home phone number, and practicing dialing it, as well as 9-1-1. It is also advised to have a family meeting place in case of an emergency, and encourage children to draw it or keep a picture of it. Moreover, the guide enumerates the adults that children can turn to for help other than their parents, including police officers, firefighters, and teachers, as well the places to find them, like hospitals, police and fire stations, and schools.
It is actually very important to involve children in the family emergency plan. And while only adults can purchase emergency medical supplies Santa Monica from DMS, the little’uns should know about the necessary items for an emergency, since they can help keep track of what’s available and what’s missing. Such items would include a flashlight; radio; clothing; blankets; first aid kit; pet food, medicine, dog collar, pet carrier and treats; water bottle; contact list; sturdy shoes or boots; canned or dried foods; extra batteries; soap, toilet paper, toothbrush; eye glasses and medicine; forks, spoons, knives, paper plates; copies of ID’s and credit cards; cash and coins; a whistle; a map of the area; and baby food, bottles and diapers.
The city of Santa Monica’s activity guide is a great way to teach children what to do should an emergency take place. Not surprisingly, many parents may be wary of talking to their children about the possibility of an emergency lest they frighten them. However, much of the fear associated with an emergency stems from ignorance. Having something to do and knowing how to do it not only can actually save lives, but also distract both adults and children so they don’t have time to be afraid during an emergency. 

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