Where is the nearest St Louis medical supply store?

If you have a computer with an internet connection, then the nearest St Louis medical supply store is right in front of you, as soon as you log on to Discount Medical Supplies. The Rome of the West is at the forefront of medicine and healthcare, and according to the most recent City of St Louis Community Health Assessment report, the rates of mortality, heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, infant mortality, lead poisoning, gonorrhea and asthma have all decreased in the past ten years. At the same time, healthcare access has improved during that same period of time. However, as that same report points out, there is still room for improvement.
That is where Discount Medical Supplies comes in. Having such a varied and low-priced alternative at your disposal makes access to quality healthcare products even more attainable. Lack of accessibility is a major issue among the St Louis population, according to the focus group input that the report was able to gather. For example, one resident complained that “I had a little bump start out about a couple of weeks ago, started out as a little bump. A couple of days, my whole face was swollen. I called my primary doctor. They couldn’t see me for three weeks.” (City of St. Louis Resident, February 20, 2012 Focus Group).

Another said that “you have so many of our African American people that are not going to the doctors because they don’t have insurance. That’s why we have so many chronic diseases. People losing their eyesight to cataracts and diabetes and their legs and their kidneys and everything.” (City of St. Louis Resident, February 20, 2012 Focus Group). We’re not saying that having Discount Medical Supplies as your St Louis medical supply store will solve the state of healthcare, but we’re certainly ready and willing to extend a helping hand.
You can be certain that Discount Medical Supplies gives all of its customers special treatment, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. As a matter of fact, we are the only online medical supply store that provides bilingual English-Spanish customer support. Furthermore, thanks to our speedy delivery service, you don’t have to wait for your order to arrive one second longer that it takes to get straight to your home. Together we can work for the betterment of your family’s and community’s health. 

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