Which is the best Hollywood medical supply retailer?

When it comes to Hollywood medical supply retailers, Discount Medical Supplies is the must-see blockbuster, and it is rated G for General Audiences. When the big names in Hollywood need healthcare services, they usually go to fancy clinics which may or may not even be in Hollywood, but regular folks turn to places like the Saban Community Clinic, originally known as The Los Angeles Free Clinic. The Saban Community Clinic’s view is that healthcare is a right, not a privilege, which is a sentiment that DMS completely agrees with. That’s why we offer quality medical supplies and equipment at the most affordable prices. 
The services offered by the Saban Community Clinic include diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure care; optometry; pharmacy and medications; chiropractic care; physical therapy; and nutrition, yoga and diabetes education. From that we can accurately surmise that this institution and Discount Medical Supplies share a lot of common ground. For example, among the accessible products offered by DMS are glucose control solutions and control monitoring systems, shoes and socks, insulin syringes and other products, lancets and devices, and storage accessories (diabetes); TrueZone peak flow meters, pediatric compressor nebulizers, flutter mucus removal devices, and optihaler aero spacers, (asthma).

Other Saban Community Clinic-compatible Hollywood medical supply products would be blood pressure monitors, Life Source bariatric blood pressure monitors, PVC handheld aneroids, aneroid home BP kits with attached stethoscope (high blood pressure); eye drops, eye was, and contact lens solution (optometry); cough drops, aspirin, allergy tablets, antacids, milk of magnesia (medications); massage tables, headrests (chiropractic); hot and cold therapy, rehab and exercise equipment, TENS and EMS electrotherapy units, topical pain relief, and infrared units (physical therapy); mats, straps, mats, blocks, and books (yoga);and vitamins and supplements (nutrition).
Based on price, quality, and service, Discount Medical Supplies should get its own star on Hollywood’s walk of fame, never mind that it isn’t an actor, or even an actual person. Actually, there are many persons behind DMS, and just like many award ceremonies hand out prizes for ensemble casts, we would like to recognize the human factor behind this fine website. And we would like you to also be a part of our family. We will welcome you with open arms and give you enough reasons to be coming back for all your medical supply needs. Won’t you join us.