Which is the best medical supply San Francisco company?

Discount Medical Supplies is a company universal in its approach, meaning that it is the best San Francisco medical supply company for your needs. Universal healthcare is a sentiment that the City by the Bay certainly cosigns. As a matter of fact, San Fran was way ahead of the Affordable Care Act when the city’s department of public health launched its Healthy San Francisco program back in 2007. The program is open to residents between the ages of 18 and 64, who have a low income and are not eligible for other public coverage. Discount Medical Supplies also had low-income individuals in mind when we decided to offer the lowest prices in the market.

But that’s not where the similarities between San Francisco healthcare and DMS end. For instance, there is the Laguna Honda hospital and rehabilitation center, which offers Chinese and Spanish-speaking residents of Laguna Honda care in their native tongues. That is something very similar to what Discount Medical Supplies does, what with it being the only medical supply store that provides bilingual customer service. Moreover, we have built a successful business around the concept of rehabilitation and pain management, including the best quality TENS and EMS units at the best prices.


Something else that is worth noting is the fact that the official website of the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) offers certain tools, like the Healthy Development Measurement Tool, or the Pedestrian Injury Forecasting Model. Here at Discount Medical Supplies we also like to make several informative and educational resources available, such as our Patient Help Center where you can find news and articles in addition to the most varied San Francisco medical supply products.

Taking all of this into account, there really is no doubt that the city of San Francisco and Discount Medical Supplies are actually kindred spirits. And given that DMS is so in tune with what San Francisco represents in the field of healthcare, why not make DMS your go-to medical supply company in San Fran? Thanks to the Internet, we can connect online with our San Franciscan clientele, and thanks to our superior shipping and delivery service, you would never notice that you’re ordering from out of the city. There are only a few things we can’t do for you –the small pilot program for the provision of transition surgeries recently developed by the SFDPH comes to mind. For almost any other medical supply-related need, we’ve got your back.