The US Pro 2000 Professional Series in 6 Easy Steps

The sonic stimulation of the US Pro 2000 Professional Series is only six steps away from bringing you pain relief whenever and wherever you are. The first step is to apply the ultrasound transmission gel, which is included in the package. To be very specific, the first step would actually be to carefully wash the application site so that it’s dirt and oil-free. Then you can generously apply the gel. The gel is a conductor that enables the flow of electrical current. 
The second step is to turn the US Pro 2000 Professional Series on. This is achieved by sliding the power switch up; if this is done successfully, the power indicator light located at the top of the control panel will light up, as well as the ‘L’ indicator. This means that the unit is in stand-by mode.
The third step is to set the treatment level. This can be done by pushing the ‘mode’ button and selecting one out of three intensity levels; namely, low, medium and high. The level of intensity selected should be determined by your doctor. However, if the established level is uncomfortable for you, you can decrease it and let your physician know about it. 
The following step consists of setting the treatment time. The timer is set by pressing ‘time’ button and choosing from three available treatment times, which are 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes. The treatment time may be adjusted by pressing the ‘time’ button during working time. If the treatment is set at 15 min., the user can press the ‘time’ button once again to turn the US Pro 2000 Professional Series off and finish the session.
Placing the ultrasound head on the area to be treated is the fifth step. The head must be moved in slow, circular movements over the body area, making sure that good contact is being made with the body. Otherwise the US Pro 2000 Professional Series will automatically stop. You can notice when/if this happens by a blinking light in the time panel. The device will resume once good contact is restored. 
The sixth and final step is to switch the unit off after treatment has been completed, followed by unplugging the device from the source that was powering it. The ultrasound head should be cleaned with a wet towel, and never immersed in water. Return the US Pro 2000 Professional Series to its case and keep it dry and at room temperature.