4 top selling orthopedic knee braces at Discount Medical Supplies

orthopedic knee braces

These four orthopedic knee braces are the most popular in their category – no mean feat considering both the quantity and quality of these products on Discount Medical Supplies. They are the Fab Four of the knee bracing world. So without further ado:

·         Comfort Lift Knee Brace. This product offers mild support, for stiff, weak, or injured knees. It is to be worn during activities that cause discomfort. Includes porous dual-stretch power knit material for round-the-clock comfort, a comfort panel that reduces bunching behind the knee, and a smooth sleeve design that adapts to the natural shape of the knee and can be worn inconspicuously under clothing. Additionally, it provides relief and light compression, is easy to put on and take off (simply slide the support up the leg and over the knee starting with the wider end, and make sure the woven area is at the front of the knee), retains heat and can be worn on either knee. This brace helps manage the symptoms related to minor sprains, strains, swelling, general soreness, and arthritis. Hand-washable with mild soap in warm water. Rinse well and air dry. Don not machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or use bleach or fabric softeners.

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·         Open Patella Knee Brace. Made with neoprene and nylon and a double-padded open area around the patella, this product has been designed to offer support for minor knee sprains or strains. Its universal size can be adjusted to fit most patients’ left or right knees, and kept in place with three hooks and loop closure straps.

·         Airmesh Hinge Cover. This device offer excellent control and support for injured ligaments and instabilities and can be used for post-surgical therapy and mild osteoarthritis. Easy to apply; the wrap-on brace is applied with the closures in the front of the leg and the kneecap cutout centered over the knee. The slip-on brace is applied by pulling the brace on with the kneecap cutout centered over the knee. Both the wrap-on and pull-on braces have tightening straps which should be tightened firmly, beginning with the two straps closest to the knee. A dry lubricant like Teflon spray may be used sporadically on the hinge. Never use wet lubricants. Check the sleeve, straps, and hinges regularly for signs of wear-and-tear.

·         3600 Elas Knee Support X-Large. Yet another worthy addition to the canon of orthopedic knee braces that are available here at Discount Medical Supplies.

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