Shower Chair with Back and Handles for Elderly Patients

Adjustable shower chair

The Adjustable Shower Chair with Back and Handles is ideal for elderly patients because it has:

  • A lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame.
  • Comfortable and strong blow-molded bench and back.
  • Drain holes in the seat to reduce slipping.
  • A backrest cutout for ease of transportation.
  • Extra security when sitting or standing with removable padded armrests.
  • Height-adjustable legs with 1” snap button adjustments to accommodate both large and small users.
  • Wide-based crutch tips for increased stability.
  • Quick assembly without tools.

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  All of the above characteristics give this product that additional sense of safety and protection that is a must when providing care to aged individuals. This chair gives seniors a modicum of independence to shower regularly and keep a good hygiene, which is essential for all people regardless of age and medical condition, but especially more so for elderly people who may suffer from physical and/or mental disorders that render them either oblivious to personal care or unable to handle it themselves.

Many times the elderly have a hard time sitting in a bathtub or standing in a shower, so this chair provides them with the best of both worlds. However, it is of the utmost importance to remember that a shower chair is intended to be used in the shower but not for getting in our out of the shower. That’s what transfer benches are for.  Other cautionary measures that you may want to keep in mind are:

  • Adjusting leg extensions to a height wherein the user can comfortable sit down and get up.
  • Making sure that all four legs are in full contact with the floor when placing the chair in the shower. The Adjustable Shower Chair with Back and Handles fits inside most showers; still you should ensure that the floor is wide enough to provide a stable surface.
  • You may use a non-slip bath mat to enhance safety.
  • Depending on the level of mobility of the user, the elderly person may be able to shower on their own with no assistance other than the chair; however, supervision is always strongly recommended.

Also worthy of taking into account is the fact that though this chair is used to shower that doesn’t mean that it will remain in a permanent state of cleanliness. Wash the shower chair with mild soapy water, but abstain from using abrasive cleansers.

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