Adjusting the Controls of Your TENS 7000

Your shiny  new TENS 7000 device’s controls are so simple even a little kid could use them (remember to keep this unit from the reach of children, though). Once you get the hang of how to adjust them, obtaining pain relief will be as easy as 1-2-3. 
First off, there is the output. Turn the amplitude control dial clockwise for either channel 1 or 2 until you hear a beeping sound. Select the mode, rate and width prior to increasing the amplitude.
The stimulation mode is set by pressing on the ‘mode’ button. The stimulation mode selected has to be that which your doctor has recommended for your particular case. Your physician may go as far as pre-setting it for you.
The pulse rate set function is entered by pressing the ‘set’ button and then increasing or decreasing (using the correspondingly labeled buttons) pulse rate to the levels your doctor has instructed you to use.
You can adjust the pulse width 50-300us in 10us increments by pressing the ‘set’ button and increasing and decreasing pulse width to the desired levels, very much like you did with the pulse rate. 
The timer can be adjusted from 5 to 90 minutes, or continuous in increments of 5 minutes. That is, a cycle consisting of 5 to 9o minutes to continuous and back to 5 minutes. The clock icon flashes once per second during the final 5 minutes.
Back to channel amplitude, turn either channel clockwise. Output indication will be displayed on the LCD screen; on the left for channel 1 and on the right for channel 2. The channel amplitude knob should be gradually turned until your doctor-recommended setting is reached. The same goes for the other channel, should the two channels be used.
Keep in mind that the stimulation levels suggested by your doctor are not set in stone. If you feel uncomfortable during application, you don’t have to endure it just because the good doctor said so. What you have to do is reduce the intensity and tell your physician about it. 
Once a therapy session is over, both channels should be turned back all the way to the ‘off’ position. The electrode wires are to come off next, held by the plug rather than the cord. The actual electrodes may be left on if treatment is to be continued shortly after. Otherwise they must be removed and cleaned with mild soap and water, as should be the skin as well.