Adult incontinence products: Incontinence pads and boosters

adult incontinence products

Incontinence pads and boosters are alternatives to the more common adult incontinence products such as diapers, briefs, and underwear. Pads are available in a variety of absorbency levels and the wearer can use them with regular or special underwear. Some are intended to be worn with accompanying underwear from the same manufacturer, but the majority is compatible with any tightly-fitting underwear. Boosters, on the other hand, do not have the same absorbent backing as pads. Though they are not meant for use on their own, boosters offer protection when worn simultaneously with a disposable brief or pull-up underwear.

A booster pad topliner, for example, while useless by itself, does contribute a great deal of additional protection – a total absorbency of 10.9 oz –, filling to capacity before transferring the fluid to the primary incontinence product – and thus considerably increasing the latter’s own capacity. The topliner has a flow-through pad that allows the diaper to be used longer and enhances comfort by preventing leakage during the night. At the same time as it increases absorbency, the topliner also prevents skin irritation and improves odor control. In addition to that, the topliner is easy to use and discard, fits well inside adult diapers, and is easy to remove as well.

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Back to pads as primary adult incontinence products, Depend guards for men provide superior absorbency for large surges of wetness, offer discreet and comfortable protection that fits inside regular underwear, fit closely without bulging, and are individually wrapped in a pocket-size package that is easy and discreet to carry around. A strong adhesive keeps these cup-shaped pads in place, and leak barriers add protection when it is most needed. This product allows users to lead an active lifestyle confidently and securely without tell-tale bulges or bulks.

Finally, Attend shaped pads have a triple-tier moisture locking system that supplies outstanding performance and leakage protection, as well as skin protection and odor control. Other features include a hold in place adhesive patch; soft, cloth-like inner liner and outer covering for comfort, discretion and skin wellness; leg gathers and contoured shape for leakage protection and form-fitting comfort; and convenient color codes (overnight - white, super - green, day plus - yellow, day regular - blue). Additionally, this product is manufactured with a one of a kind mix of microporous layer, hygard polymer, and perma-dry fibers that reduce levels of pH.