Art of Balance: The Body Sport Inflatable Balance Disc

art of balanceThe Body Sport Inflatable Blue Balance Disc can be used for balance training and strengthening of lower extremities. Additionally, it can serve as a dynamic cushion to help activate important muscle groups. This disc is shaped and moves like a fitness ball when it is used on any seat. It consists of two different sides; one tactile and the other smooth and can be easily inflated to a 2” thickness with a conventional pump. On the other hand, it can also be deflated to a 1” thickness.


·         13.5-inch diameter.

·         Latex-free.

·         Supports up to 500 pounds of pressure.

·         Pre-inflated.


The Body Sport Balance Disc can be used standing, sitting, or lying down. The knobbed surface on one side and the ribbed surface on the other provide easy gripping on any surface. This product is an alternative to inflatable fitness balls and is ideal for people with back pain for use in therapy, at home, or at the office. In addition to that, care providers can buy them in bulk in order to resell them to their patients. Some Amazon reviewers say that “this is a very good pad that can be inflated or deflated to your comfort level. It can go with you anywhere. It gives you the feel of a ball without the bulkiness of a Big Ball;” and also that “I prefer this balance disc over some of the more popular ones. It has thicker plastic, seems better constructed. It's great to take this with you when you need to perform computer/desk work at other people's places. You can inflate/deflate it for your comfort when dealing with other folk's office chairs.”


Any exercise program has a potential for causing injuries – severe and even fatal. Therefore, make sure that you also exercise common sense and use a proper technique.


Consult a doctor before starting a workout routine with the Body Sport Inflatable Balance Disc. This product is for adult users only – people under 18 years of age should use it under adult supervision. Check the product for cracks, leaks, or any defect that may warrant discontinuation of product use.

Directions for use:

·         Place the balance ball on a chair and use it for stability exercises while sitting down.    

·         Place the disc on the floor for balance and stability exercises while standing or sitting.

·         Use the nubby side as a back or foot massager.    

·         It may be inflated or deflated by using a sport ball needle (not included).

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