The Automatic BP Wrist Monitor Review


The ReliamedDigital Adult Automatic Wrist BP Monitorhas been for quite a while now one of our most better selling monitors, and considering the amount of interest that has been accumulating recently for this particular item, it is only fair that we review it and provide you with our report if this little item is worth a purchase. As always, we here at Discount Medical Supplies try to bring you the most clear and informed review with the aid of real comments from customers who have purchased this very same item from our online store.

Automatic BP Wrist Monitor Features

This small device is very simple to use, its design is made to be easy to operate by anybody. It has automatic inflation and a very clear and easy-to-read display with time and date. It can store 99 readings at a time. I boast having, what is being Medical-Grade Accurate.  It also comes with two “AAA” batteries, storage case, instructions and an easy to read user’s guide.

What our customers like about the Automatic BP Wrist Monitor?

The customers that purchased the Reliamed Digital Adult Automatic Wrist BP Monitor pretty much all agree that what they love the most about the monitor is how it is really the easiest unit to use. It is simple to set and easy to read. It does make pulse monitoring extremely easy. It’s design and size is also liked all around as very convenient to use and manipulate.


What our customers don’t like about the Automatic BP Wrist Monitor?

The first thing that one most point out, is that regardless the machine, when ANY device that requires batteries it might be a potential issue. In this case in particular the Reliamed Digital Adult Automatic Wrist BP Monitor works (and comes with) two AAA batteries. Eventhough this machine doesn’t uses up on the entirety of the whole battery life quickly, it is important that you use high quality batteries at hand. Other than that, we can attest that the user guide and instructions manual are very easy and clear to read, so claims that the device was complicated and it was hard to use tend to come from users that might not have read the or checked the user’s guide.

Recommendations, is this worth a purchase?

This is a great, realiable and accurate monitor. For its price and its features it is a great purchase and option to consider. Our advise is that you get this unit and get some high quality batteries just in case.

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