The Avila 2 Portable Massage Chair Review

Just as Discount Medical Supplies is offering our new weekly promotion for all Clinic Treatment Furniture Supplies, we took a look into the Avila 2 Portable Natursoft Massage Chair Package. In the past few months we have seen this item become more and more popular amongst our customers. Physicians everywhere are seeking this item to furnish their practice. We took the time to get feedback from customers who purchased this item and we also gave it a quick test to see if this item lives up to its hype.

Product Features

The Avila Portable Natursoft Massage Chair Package is an adjustable and portable massage chair with a strong and stable base from a patented carbon-fiber frame. The design of this chair’s leg support and seat is intended to provide an optimal weight distribution, and extreme comfort during the patient’s treatment. It also has a soft support cushioning covered with vinyl to provide ultimate chair control. It is fully portable, for physicians who are always on the go and require to take the chair with them to their patients, it includes case with wheels for easy transport. Has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.  It has three quick levers optimize fit for everyone from children to adults weighing up to 350lbs.


What Product Like about the Avila 2 Portable Massage Chair 

The main attractive feature that wowed both the customers and this reviewer was how comfortable the massage chair felt. The vinyl seating cushioning felt great, and according to our customer’s feedback all around, it is a general consensus that when the manufacturers deliver on their promise of extreme comfort.  Secondly, the other main attraction this item has, it is it capability to transport. At a first glance the chair looks bulky and clunky, but with the case it comes with (along with its coasters), taking this chair from different locations is fairly simple.

What Customers Don’t Like about the Avila 2 Portable Massage Chair 

Among the contents of the package there is an instructional video that details in a very clear way the proper use and assembly for this chair, we recommend everybody who purchases this item to take a moment and watch the video first. The reason we bring this up here is because all the so-called negative feedback that we have seen regarding this item, came from experiences where the user was not fully informed on how to use the chair and had not watched the video first.


If you want to furnish your practice with a steady and reliable chair, this is the way to go. The Avila Portable Natursoft Massage Chair Package, is both easy to operate and transport and comfortable to your patients. A good buy.

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