Best blood pressure monitors: Omron 10 Series BP785

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The Omron 10 Series BP785 is one of the most advanced yet affordable blood pressure monitors in the market. This upper-arm home monitor is comfortable, accurate, versatile, and easy to use.


·         Built-in automatic calibration check system.

·         Dual sensors.

·         ComFit cuff provides the range of 2 regular cuffs.

·         Positioning icon signals correct application.

·         TruRead mode averages three consecutive readings.

·         Capacity for 2 users with 100-reading memory each.

·         AC adapter.

·         Hypertension indicator.

·         Irregular heartbeat detector.

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As part of the Omron 10 series, the BP785 offers users 10 specific advantages:

·         Calibration check system. The dual sensors double-check each individual reading to make sure that the results are correct.

·         Cuff wrap guide. Indicates that the cuff has been wrapped properly on the user’s arm.

·         Multiple users. Two persons can monitor their blood pressure and track their readings separately.

·         TruRead. Takes three readings separated by one minute each and calculates the average according to international guidelines for home blood pressure measurements.

·         Advanced averaging. Up to 8 weeks’ worth of morning and evening blood pressure averages can be reviewed by pushing a single button.

·         Heartbeat detector. This BP monitor detects abnormal heartbeats while measuring blood pressure and alerts the user by flashing an indicator icon.

·         BP level indicator. Compares users’ readings with international guidelines for normal blood pressure levels.

·         ComFit cuff. A trademarked pre-formed arm cuff that fits regular and large arm sizes to provide a comfortable and accurate reading.

·         AC adapter. Plugs into the wall and makes sure the monitor is always ready to go.

·         200 memory storage. Each user can store and review their last 100 readings.


Though this product is one size fits all, some users have found it difficult to adjust it on their arms – though they also say that it’s easy to slip the arm in and out of the un-inflated cuff once it they have adjusted it properly. Additionally, the monitor will take a reading even if the cuff is not correctly positioned, which can lead to inaccurate readings.


Our recommendation is to pay close attention to the positioning icon that signals that the cuff has been applied correctly. As long as that okay symbol is flashing, you can expect accurate readings. This is one of the fastest, most accurate blood pressure monitors there are, but it does come with a high learning curve. Once you master it, you will be able to enjoy its many, many features.