Best Price Tens Unit: TENS 7000 is the Strongest Affordable Unit

Electrotherapy patients are constantly looking for the best price tens units in the market.  Whether it is for their own interests of because doctors recommended it, there can be many conditions that can prompt someone to search for a particular unit.  The TENS 7000 is one of the most popular tens units in the market now not only because you can find it at very affordable prices but also because it is without a doubt the strongest portable unit you can find.  Discount Medical Supplies, one of the most successful online medical supply companies, sells the TENS 7000 for only $27.79.

The TENS 7000 has been given great reviews as the best tens unit in the market because of how powerful and nice looking it is.  It is the big brother to the TENS 3000 with a difference of great improvements and added intensity. The fact that it comes with its own carrying case, 9 v battery, lead wires, 1 pack of electrodes and a complete user manual makes the price even more worth it. When buying the TENS 7000 at only $27.79 at DMS, you will be getting so much more than what you are actually paying for.

When buying this or any tens unit there are several factors that need to be taken in consideration.  The most important one is the electrodes factor.  Electrodes are design to only last 1 week.  As the ware out, they begin to loose conductivity and adhesiveness resulting in a less satisfactory electrotherapy session.  Taking good care of your electrodes can make a difference so it is always good to look for good tips on how to do it.  Nevertheless, buying extra electrodes at the moment you buy the unit will save you extra shipping charges for future purchase of additional electrodes that you will need in the near future after.  Discount Medical Supplies also happens to have the best prices on electrodes that can be seen on the extensive online catalog.

Although electrotherapy is non-invasive and provides a safe pain mitigating therapy, there are people with different conditions that are unable to use tens units. A prescription will be needed when want to buy most units and this includes the TENS 7000.  However for those who can use them, this unit is a top choice that will work effectively and quickly.