Best Price Tens Units: The TENS 3000 takes the lead!

The search for the most affordable tens unit stops here.  The TENS 3000 is without a doubt the Best Price Tens unit in the market. Many physical therapists, chiropractors, practitioners and even the public have been purchasing this electrotherapy unit from the best online medical supply store,  Discount Medical Supplies, at an extremely cheap price of $17.79.

Not only is the TENS 3000 the number one position in best price tens units, but it is also a bestselling unit due to its features.  It was engineered with a state of the art microprocessor system that allows it to deliver an exact dial performance. The unit is analog so it is very simple to use however because of its operating system it is able to deliver an electrotherapy with the accuracy that a digital tens unit would.  Another great feature this unit has is its built in safety amplitude cap that does not let any accidental knob movements power jolt the user at anytime.

What is also great about the TENS 3000 is all the accessories that it brings for the affordable price of $17.79 at DMS.  The unit comes complete with its own carrying case, a 9v battery, 1 pair of lead wires, 1 pack of electrodes with 4 individual electrodes and the instruction manual.  This is why it is considered the device that has the best price in tens units. 

As one pack of electrodes is made to last the user 1 week, it is always important to purchase extra electrodes.  You are able to find a wide array of electrodes out in the market at great prices.  Electrodes can be made of cloth, foam, carbon and other great quality materials. DMS has the best prices on electrodes and an entire catalogue of over 15 pages carrying electrodes of different materials, sizes, and used for different occasions and therapies.

The Tens 3000 provides a non-invasive and completely safe nerve stimulation therapy that targets chronic and acute pain.  Those who buy the unit for home and personal use must get a prescription from their physician to be able to buy the unit.  This is important because some people may have conditions that will not allow them to use a tens unit. At the same time, your physician will be able to show you how to use the machine and where the electrodes have to be located according to the area to be treated.