Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel - 3oz RollOn Review

You may know Biofreeze pain relieving gel from its tube presentation.  That’s the one where the gel is squeezed out of the tube. This, however, is a 3oz roll on presentation. If you have ever used a roll on deodorant, then you already know where the difference between the two presentation lies, at least as far as application goes. Other than that, the roll on provides the same level of pain relief, especially as far as the neck, back, hip, legs, muscles, joints, arthritis, strains and so on and so forth are concerned.
Likewise, Biofreeze roll on is also applied topically, directly on the skin. From there it is quickly and deeply absorbed where it can exert its soothing effect at a cellular level. The active ingredient in Biofreeze is USP grade menthol. Menthol is what gives the gel that warming yet refreshing sensation when applied over a muscle or a joint. Another important ingredient is the herbal extract known as Ilex. Biofreeze has been a favorite of health care experts for quite a while now, as it is rather literally a ‘hands on’ approach to muscle and bone healing and preservation. 

One of the reasons that physicians favor Biofreeze gel is that it is very useful in increasing range of motion (ROM). ROM is the distance and direction that a joint can move between flexed and extended positions. Limited range of motion may be caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other forms of arthritis. Limited ROM can be related to pain, swelling and stiffness, as well as the inability to perform everyday activities. Biofreeze gel can alleviate such pain, and bring back mobility to joints, considerably increasing a person’s quality of life, after it has been impaired by poor range of motion. 
Additionally, this roll on gel can be used as part of warming up before working out, thus reducing the possibility of an exercise-related injury. On the other hand, Biofreeze is not just a quick fix for pain; it can actually become a fundamental part of the healing process. Furthermore, it may be helpful in trigger point therapy too (trigger point refers to the notion that pain spreads from a single point to larger areas of the body). Much like its tube counterpart, this roll on is very easy to carry around inside a pocket, a bag, or a purse, so pain relief is always within reach.