Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel 4oz Tube Review

Biofreeze gel is a topical cream used to relieve pain.  Topical means that the gel is applied directly over the skin. However, its properties enable it to really seep in and attack the root of the problem. Biofreeze has an analgesic effect and it can be used to soothe back, neck, hip, leg and joint pain, contraction soreness, and arthritis, among other sources of physical discomfort. This gel can also be used as a preemptive measure before ultrasounds, massage and trigger point therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and workout stretching. Biofreeze gel is faster, goes deeper, and lasts longer than most pain relievers in the market today.

This pain relieving gel is made with menthol, 3.5%; camphor, 0.2%; water, isopropyl alcohol, herbal extract (Ilex Paraguariensis), carbomer, triethanolamine, silicon dioxide, methylparaben, FD&C yellow #5, and FD&C blue #1. Out of those ingredients, we would like to momentarily single out the herbal extract called Ilex. Ilex is extracted from a holly shrub found in South America. It effects on people’s health have been long discussed, and it is a component in the formulation of Biofreeze gel. This product not only alleviates pain, but it also speeds up the healing process in injured muscles and bones.

Aside from being an effective pain reliever, Biofreeze gel is also very convenient. It is not greasy and does not leave a lingering smell either. Beyond its superficial qualities though, this gel has been recommended by a myriad chiropractors, physical therapists, masseurs, and trainers. That is not to say at all that this gel is exclusive for professional athletes. It just means that if it’s good enough for them it’ll be great for you as well. As the title indicates, this is a 4oz tube presentation, and it has a shelf life of approximately two years.

In broad strokes, this gel is applied on a specific area of the body. Presently, that area will be warmed up and blood will start to flow better through it. This is the result of the skin absorbing the gel, which is what allows it to work at a cellular level. This way, it achieves faster and better results. This is only a general overview of how this gel works. If you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain, and would like to try Biofreeze, you might want to ask your physician about it before proceeding with this type of topical treatment.