Biofreeze your muscle pains!

A discomforting sensation that makes you feel vulnerable and tired throughout the day from a chronic muscle pain, a recent injury, stress or an overworked muscle; this type of ache should not stop you from having a normal life and going about your day with no physical burden. A cold therapy pain relief offers to Biofreeze your muscle pains away!

Biofreeze is a the number one topical pain reliever recommended by doctors all across the country. This topical analgesic fights the pain and prevents it from coming back. This targeted pain relief concentrates its efforts on the area directly and fast. When taking an oral analgesic the patient normally has to endure the pain a little longer while the medicine takes effect, but with Biofreeze you can target and attack the pain reducing any inflammation quicker. This alternative to oral analgesics provides a lower risk of system toxicity with its reduced levels of system absorption. This specialized topical analgesic has helped thousands of patients for over 20 years. It helps manage their discomfort associated with arthritis, exercise, therapy and daily life movements. 

Menthol is the active ingredient and it has the capacity of penetrating the skin quickly to provide relief. It triggers the cold receptors that are in the skin producing a stimulation on the muscle and therefore relieving the nerve that is transmitting the pain, which is why it is called “cold therapy”. Once penetrated, the analgesic provides an inhibitory sensation that is quickly sent to the brain through the nerves that are connected all over the body and blocks the perception of pain. Working better that ice -the long known way of reducing pain when applied to the skin- it reduces the blood flow to the affected area while the analgesic does its job of blocking the pain sensation. Biofreeze doesn’t have the disadvantages that ice presents like skin irritation and stiffness.
Biofreeze comes in different types of presentations such as spray, roll-on, gel and even singles (for a one time application). Its versatility makes it the go-to muscle analgesic in today’s market. Its popularity and its excellent quality are Biofreeze’s presentation card. 
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