Blood Glucose Diabetic Testing Supplies

A key part of diabetes mellitus treatment consists of monitoring your levels of blood sugar, or glucose. This is done with the aid of blood glucose meters and monitoring systems. Other diabetic testing supplies are also involved, such as lancets and test strips. Basically, a drop of blood is drawn by pricking your finger with a lancet. The drop of blood is then placed on a disposable test strip. Finally, the meter reads the strip and calculates the level of blood glucose. Depending on the type of diabetes and the treatment, patients may have to test their blood sugar at least once a day, and in some cases from 3 to 10 times each day.
Being aware of one’s blood glucose levels on a daily basis allows patients to plan their meals and activities. Additionally, it lets them and their doctors know whether a medication adjustment is necessary, as well as determine if a quick response to high or blow sugar is warranted. As can be surmised, blood glucose test results need to be ready at a moment’s notice, anywhere you may be. Fortunately, you can administer yourself one of these tests at home or on the road, and get the results in a matter of seconds. 

For example, the Invacare TRUE2go blood glucose monitoring system is the world’s smallest no-coding meter, and delivers result in 4 seconds with a 0.5ml blood sample. Similarly, the Bayer’s Contour blood glucose meter provides a 5-second test time with a 0.6ml sample. There is also the Omnis Health Talking Meter, which delivers a more accurate result with less potential for error, in a mere 6 seconds. These glucose meters are all handheld devices, ideal for travel, and operated by a long-lasting battery, as are the Invacare TRUEtrack blood glucose monitoring system, or the Roche Diagnostics Aviva system blood glucose monitoring system. 
All of the aforementioned items are available at Discount Medical Supplies, just like many other diabetic testing supplies, including Invacare’s twist top lancet, gauge lancet, pen style lancet device; Owen Mumford unilet lancets; Ascensia microlet lancets; Roche Diagnostics Accu-Check soft touch lancets; and Lifescan One Touch Delica and FinePoint lancets; as well as test strips by Nipro Diagnostics, LifeScan, Abbott, Brava, and Roche Diagnostics. Regardless of how frequently you have to test, it’s instrumental to not only have the proper equipment, but also to keep enough test strips around.