Body Sport Universal Wrist or Ankle Support Review

The Body Sport Universal Wrist or Ankle Support is a versatile joint support that can be used to brace up and stabilize the joints on any of a person’s extremities.

Product Features

This orthopedic support device includes the following features:

•    The support is constructed of a pair of elasticized bands that are stitched together along the full length. The wearer can choose which stitches to cut in order to provide a hole through which to insert a thumb or to let the heel of a foot protrude between the two bands.
•    The wearer dons the brace by fastening the closures on each band after positioning one band under the arch of the foot  and the other around the ankle proper, or (in the case of the wrist) wrapping one band around the palm of the hand and the other around the wrist itself. In the former case, the heel will stick between the two bands where the wearer removes stitches, and in the latter case the thumb will have room by following a similar plan.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Buyers enjoy these features of the orthopedic support:

•    The  support device allows for a great deal of flexibility and movement of the wrist or ankle, while still providing the basic level of support that is needed to prevent further injury or soft tissue damage to the injured joint. It strikes a happy medium between comfort and utility, allowing the wearer to make maximum use of the joint in question without worrying about additional damage.
•    Because this small fabric wrap is no thicker than a sock, it can be worn easily inside a shoe when the user needs ankle support. This wrap can be used with men’s dress shoes or even ladies’ pumps, or any type of street shoe or athletic shoe.
•    The support can be worn directly against the skin beneath socks or hosiery, or can even be fastened over an absorbent sock to help with wicking away moisture and perspiration.
•    This is one of the few support devices that can easily be worn with bare feet or sandals. For summer time use when a person needs support, this support can be used barefoot, for beach or pool wear. The toes are free as well, enabling the wearer to don sandals.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

This design does not provide as sturdy a form of support as some others, so it may not be the support of choice for a person who is in need of more robust stabilization. However, it is ideal for a light to intermediate level of support when a person is well along in the healing process or not suffering from a severe traumatic injury.


The Body Sport Universal Wrist or Ankle Support is hands down (or wrists and ankles down, as the case may be) the least expensive form of support that a person can find for use on wrists and ankles.