Is Bon Vital Coconut Massage Crème the best option?


The Bon Vital product line has to offer some of the best massage crèmes on the market, but one in particular deserves a special shine of the spotlight. The Bone Vital Coconut Massage Crème is perhaps one of our products that we would like to feature for you today. We put this crème to the test and as we always do, gathered feedback from customers who have purchased this item from us here at Discount Chiropractic Supplies, so we can offer a completely rounded review of this product.


Like all of their products, the Bon Vital massage crèmes are made to provide the skin with much needed nutrients and all the benefits of skin wellness. The Coconut massage Crème is made with fractioned coconut oil. It is very smooth and versatile, allowing it to be easily applied on the skin on different parts of the body with a simple glide. It doesn’t leave a greasy feel and requires less application. Although it is made with coconut oil, it is completely unscented and also Paraben free.


What customers like about this product

One of the main reasons our customers get the Bon Vital Coconut Massage Crème from us is because we carry it on a 5 Gallon presentation making easy to purchase in a wholesale presentation for professional massagers and chiropractics. People who have purchased this particular crème, have done it because of its formular. Bon Vital as a company has a philosophy to provide their products with no Parabens (artificial chemicals), and it keeps the formula with only the essentials nutrients for the body. This crème in particular has a smooth glide and easy application, its formula allows for it to be applies to the skin with great easy and with not over using the crème, also the formula is made to not leave a greasy feel.

What customer don’t like about this product

From what we were able to gather and from our personal experience with the crème, this is a great product, so therefore we were not able to gather much negative feedback or concerns from our customers. We would subscribe to this field that this crème has a formula that requires less application, with means that you can use it in a more “economic” fashion, so at first the amount applied can be less than with other crèmes.


If you are a professional massager do not hesitate, this is the best option of crème available.

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