Bundled Review of Pediatric Rehabilitation Equipment

pediatric rehab

Reviewer’s note: in the following review I will take a look into several Pediatric Rehabilitation equipment items, which in many cases are almost the same item. Please take into consideration.

Pediatric Arm Slings by Medline

For children who are recuperating from arm injuries, Medline has a nice line of arm slings designed entirely for children to use them. The have child-friendly patterns printed, and are made from thispoly/cotton blended fabric. They are fully adjustable with easy to operate and comfortable shoulder straps with foam pads that ensure a proper fit. It many different designs and sizes allow for children’s of all ages to be able to use the slings for any variety of injuries. It is definitely worth a purchase.

Pediatric Non-Folding Walker Tyke

This Non-folding walker allows for children who are going through rehabilitation to be able to walk, to have an active lifestyle. It comes with steady and reliable wheels that maneuver will over normal floor obstacles and can very well move properly in outdoor play areas. One of the main features is that, as pediatric rehabilitation equipment, it is designed to adapt to children of different ages. His walker has a grown-with-you feature that enables for the parents to adjust is as the child is growing up.

Pediatric Folding Walkers Toddler

This mobility aid provides also a grow-with-you adjustable feature, but with the advantage that it foldable and allows for easy transport this walker is designed to meet the needs of even the smallest child, as it has a lightweight frame, that is also sturdy and secure, as it is easy to maneuver.

Pediatric Star Red Posterior Gait Trainer

For children that at an early age are having problems walking, Drive Medical has available for you a posterior gait trainer, created to help train your child’s legs to walk properly. It prevents legs from scissoring thanks to secure ankle prompts, it has a rear wheels that only allow forward mobility allowing for the child to be able to adopt direction properly and quickly. It supports and stabilizes the pelvis with a stabilizer to help keep the child in position. Also, it allows for fully adjustable depth and supports patients who cannot stand completely on their own. The frame this device has is very secure and it will not produce as it will help the child keep their balance. This device is top of the line and perhaps the best in its class in pediatric rehabilitation equipment. Worth every penny. 

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