The CareMates Cone Style N95 Breathing Protection Mask Review

caremate cone style

There has been a peak of interest when it comes to people looking for a good Breathing Protection Mask. People concerned with the status of threats like the Ebola virus have gotten into our online store seeking for proper precaution supplies in the eventuality of a large-scale outbreak of the disease. There is still plenty of confusion regarding the virus, but one thing is for sure we all want to feel safe. That is why we are reviewing the CareMates Cone Style N95 Mask, we want to see if these masks.

Product Features

The CareMates Cone Style N95 Breathing Protection Mask fit snugly into the wearers face. The mask will filter your nose and mouth from germs and bacteria, or particles the germs are riding on. By particles we mean droplets from sneezing, coughing or just by talking. The mask is comfortable and it is designed to include a cushioned nose piece. The masks are very lightweight so they are not a nuisance and feel out of place. This mask has received the category of N95 by the CDC jas specifically appointed and recommended that these masks are the ones that need to be used by professionals that might encounter a patient with the Ebola Virus.

What We Like About this Product

For starters what we appreciated the most about these masks is how convenient and easy it is to use them. We tried the masks on different heads and sizes here on in the office and it felt great on all of the coworkers, both female and male. By obvious reasons the tests were performed without the presence of an illness, so please keep in mind as you continue reading. In the customer feedback that was left about this product, it was praised for how easy it is to put on and how comfortable it is that after a while a couple of customers said that it was as if they had forgotten they had it on.

What Customers Don’t Like about this Product

Ironically one of the assets of this item is also a point of concern, uneducated people will probably not feel entirely safe with this mask claiming that it feels so light weight. However it is important to remind them and yourself that these masks are graded N95. That means that they are properly equipped to be able to endure tough tests and reduce to nearly 0 the exposure to microbes and bacteria.


The CareMates Cone Style N95 Breathing Protection Mask is a reliable and enduring mask that in times of need can be at hand and provide much needed protection.

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