CareTec IV TENS/EMS/IF/Russian Stim Review

The CareTec IV TENS/EMS/IF/Russian Stim is a fully-equipped pain management kit that is perfect to relieve the type of chronic pain that disrupts even the simplest daily activities and considerably decreases the quality of your life. The reason that this product is successful is that even though it´s easy to use and carry around comfortably with you, it also features four different modes, each with its own several specific programs, so you can trust that there will not be any loose ends when it comes to its mechanism of action. These four modes are called TENS, EMS, IF, and Russian Stimulation.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and as its name implies, it uses electrical impulses not to eliminate the pain per se, but to actually alter the way in which your nerves perceive it, which it accomplishes without the need for needles or painkillers. Electronic Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, also employs electronic impulses with the goal of stimulating a particular injured muscle, allowing it to exercise and recover in a manner which would be impossible to achieve by itself.

IF means Interferential Stimulation and it basically fulfills a twofold mission; it works to reduce inflammation while at the same time stopping pain from spreading throughout the spinal cord. Users are actually able to try different frequencies to enjoy deeper pentration and thus a speedier recovery. Finally, Russian Stimulation (which owes its name to the fact that it was originally used on Russian Olympic athletes) electrically triggers muscle groups both to strengthen them and to prevent spams. As simple as these main four modes are to use, this product also includes an instruction manual which encompassively covers key issues such as power supply, operating and storage conditions, and much more (timer, belt clip, battery, adapator, pads, wires, case and other useful items are enclosed as well).

Even though this is primarily a tool to manage chronic and/or acute pain resulting from bone and muscle injuries, as well as part of a physical therapy course to reduce and prevent spasms and muscle atrophy, the fact is that people may use it as a training aid too, in order to tone their muscles. Moreover, it can improve recovery after a surgery in some cases, and it is also helpful in increasing blood circulaton. On the other hand, some individuals should refrain from using it, especially those who have had a pacemaker implanted, and pregnant women.