CareTec II TENS/EMS Product Review

This product is a blend of two physical therapy devices. One is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, and the other is an electrical muscle stimulator. Each technology is an integral, fully realized part of this unit, and at the same time they complement each other. The fact that this is a two-in-one type deal doesn’t mean that either of the two features is lacking in any way. On the contrary, the CareTec II TENS/EMS has been painstakingly designed and packaged to spare no detail that can improve your experience with it, even if it is ever so slightly. 
Given its dual nature, the mechanism of action of this product can also be broken down into two major aspects. Firstly, the nerve stimulator is in charge of reducing pain in the bones and muscles, whether it is of the chronic or acute kind. While this can literally be a lifesaver, if that was all that this product did, it wouldn’t really be attacking the root of the problem, would it? That’s where the muscle stimulator comes in. By enhancing strength and motion range and improving circulation it is able to impede atrophy and render toned muscles. This is done via separate electrodes; basically the linking point between both technologies is that they are delivered by way of electrical impulses through the skin.

Additionally, both TENS and EMS have mono-phase square pulse waveforms,  adjustable pulse amplitudes (0-100mA peak at 1000 ohm Load each channel, 1mA/Step for TENS, and 0-100mA peak at 1000 ohm for EMS), and 50 to 300us microseconds, 10μS/step adjustable pulse width, 1 to 150 Hz, 1 Hz/Step pulse rate. Furthermore, TENS technical details include an adjustable burst rate of 0.5 - 5Hz; 0.1Hz/step. On the other hand, the EMS mode entails a 1-30 seconds , 1 Sec./ Step adjustable contraction time, a 0-60 seconds , 1 Sec./ Step adjustable relaxation time, and a 1~6 seconds, 1 Sec adjustable ramp time. Also enclosed are a 9v battery, an AC adapter, four electrodes, and a case 
The CareTec II TENS/EMS is especially meant for people who need to relax spasms, prevent atrophy, and increase blood flow, and of course for those who require a portable, convenient, and user-friendly pain management tool that has been tried and tested to guarantee exceptional performance. Nerve and muscle stimulation has been simplified with the introduction of this device, which is now available for you to enjoy.