The ‘IF’ in CareTec IV TENS/EMS/IF/Russian Stim

The terms TENS, EMS, and even Russian Stimulation are pretty clear to most people. IF, on the other hand, may be a little bit more obscure. The letters IF stand for Interferential Current Therapy. IF is not actually very different from other physical electrotherapy techniques; it basically differs only in that it is a deeper form of electrical stimulation with a lower frequency. This enables it to provide a massaging effect that is used in the treatment of muscular spasms and strains, to relieve pain, stimulate muscles, increase circulation, and decrease swelling. 
The skin is very tolerant to IF current and that is the reason that this type of electrotherapy can be turned up and go deeper, reaching tissue that is very well under the surface without causing discomfort to the patient. The affected area is treated by applying current through four electrodes from two different channels. The electrodes are positioned so that the two channels cross one another over the site to be treated. The spot where the two channels cross is where the currents are said to interfere with each other, which is where the name Interferential Current comes from. 

The user may feel a tingling sensation, but no discomfort should be experienced during treatment. The intensity of IF current can and should be increased as much as possible in order to enjoy deeper and better results, but users should keep in mind that there is always a threshold where therapy becomes uncomfortable; this threshold should not be crossed. Otherwise, IF current is perfectly safe except where it is contraindicated, such as in pregnant women or people who have had a pacemaker implanted. In addition, the electrodes should not be placed over an area with a risk of metastasis, or over the thoracic cavity.
Depending on the selected parameters, IF can stimulate local nerve cells, and decrease pain by either inhibiting pain signal transmission or promoting the release of endorphins; it can also stimulate and contract muscles and speed up the rehabilitation of injuries. The Caretec IV is an IF unit, as well as a TENS, EMS and Russian Stimulation device. This four-in-one machine is a physical therapy and pain management juggernaut that comes in conveniently lightweight package. As deep as IF therapy can go, the Caretec IV is as non-invasive as physical electrotherapy gets.