Cervical Indentation Pillow Review

There are few things that a good night sleep can’t fix.  But sometimes your sleeping habits are precisely what cause problems. Sleeping with the wrong kind of pillow can lead to neck and even back problems. On the other hand, placing your head and neck every night on a cervical indentation pillow can not only prevent a sore neck, but also mollify neck and back pain, headaches, and muscle tension. Moreover, the fact that the pillow is wrapped around your neck doesn’t mean that the rest of your body won’t enjoy the benefits as well. 
Actually, providing the neck and shoulders with proper support during sleep can go a long way in preventing more serious musculoskeletal complications. This cervical pillow has been designed in such a way that it keeps your neck perfectly aligned with your spine while you’re fast asleep. By doing that, it stops you from sleeping in a position that your body will resent later when you’re awake. Using the cervical indentation pillow will not interfere with your rest in any way. Quite the contrary, it will allow you to sleep even better than you have ever slept before. 

This is a rectangular-shaped pillow, and its dimensions are 24"x16" (61cm x 41cm). It can easily fit inside a regular pillow case, but there is nothing regular about it. You may notice a small square indentation right in the center of the pillow. This is where this product gets part of its name, and also where much of the relief comes from. You see, this design was created by experts in the field of ergonomics, under the premise that it offers the best positioning for a person’s vertebrae. Notwithstanding that, you don’t have to sleep in the same position at all times. This cervical indentation pillow works just as well whether you sleep on your back or on your side. 
As for the pillow’s fabric, it is made with hypoallergenic fibers. In addition to that, its cover is able to repel sweat and skin flakes. As a result, most individuals, even those with asthma or allergies, may be able to use this pillow safely. There is absolutely no reason that this product can’t blend itself with the rest of your bed dressing. The only difference will be that you’ll be experiencing no neck stiffness during your waking moments. In fact, you literally won’t lose any sleep over that anymore.