Choosing a Diabetic Syringe: What you need to know?


It is unknown to most people, but when choosing a diabetic syringe you will be faced with several options. Your healthcare professional will indicate which is the correct type you need to get. But here are the factors that lead to the choice, and here is how you can know which is the correct insulin syringe for you. We here at Discount Medical Supplies

The main key factor that affects the proper size for your syringe is the dose of insulin that you need to take. The syringe capacity needs to match the dose size. Preferably, the syringe capacity should be the smallest but enough capacity for your biggest dose of the day. Do not worry, a small diabetic syringe will have the markings easy enough to read and they will be very helpful in order to get more accurate dosages.


To further illustrate, please see the following information:


If your insulin dose is

Use this capacity diabetic syringe

30 units or even less


31 units to 51 units


51 units to 100 units

1cc (equivalent to 100cc)

*insulin doses need to be accurate, there are half-unit and full unit marked syringes available

The proper needle length is a recommended discussion to be had with a physician beforehand. However, the overall majority of people with diabetes rather have shorter needles than longer ones. Truth be told, the length of the needle isn’t really a decisive factor, but still any changes or adjustments need to be addressed with your physician before hand.

 Another factor that is contemplated is the needle gauge, meaning the thickness of the needle. There are several needle gauges options available in the market, for example the Covidien Monoject Syringes has over four different types of needle gauges to choose from. Also there is one thing to keep in mind: the larger the gauge, the thinner the needle. The majority of users prefer a thinner needle because they allow for the flow of insulin to be injected quicker and with greater ease.

At our catalogue at Discount Medical Supplies we have several types of syringes to choose from, from different manufacturers. A good piece of advise before choosing the syringe for you is to see if they have the markings clearly marked. However, being that these syringes are very thin, it is somewhat difficult for some to read the markings, that is why it is also recommended for you to get a Insulin Syringe Magnifier as well for you to be sure of your accuracy.

If you are still not clear or have any questions on the correct insulin syringe for you, we kindly advise you to contact your doctor so he or she can point you to the correct ones to select.

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