The Cold facts of the EMS 7500: A Comprehensive Review

With Electric Muscular stimulation gaining more and more popularity among the general public, some units have gathered more notoriety than others. One of those items is the EMS 7500. We picked up this device and checked it to see if this unit is what most people believe it to be.

What comes with it?

The EMS 7500 unit is fully portable as the device it self fits right at your hand and it is very lightweight. It comes with a 9V Battery, 4 electrodes, two sets of lead wires, and a hard plastic carrying case.

What features does it bring?

The EMS 7500 is fully portable Electric Muscular Stimulation (EMS) device that with the use of small electric impulses helps rehabilitate damaged of injured muscles. The use of electro therapy, also allows for the pain felt on the muscles directly to be contained. Furthermore, using a EMS unit also helps develop muscles, as the stimulation felt promotes for better circulation and the muscles are able to become more defined and toned. So much so, that in the world of Body Building these units have gotten some popularity as it helps athletes build up their muscles.



In Electrotherapy there are two main things to measure to know of the quality of the device. One is power, the more the better, a powerful unit will be able to constantly provide the current that you need whenever you are using it. In this field the EMS 7500 passes with flying colors. It has enough power to provide a steady and reliable use, for either rehabilitation or muscle toning. The second field to judge one of these devices is how it is easy to operate, in this field the EMS 7500 has high passing grade. It has clear and very easy to understand controls for even the most amateur of users.


Now, the EMS 7500 has a couple of slight issues that could be pointed out as areas for improvements. The first are the electrodes that come with the devices. This particular issue could be said about pretty much all the electro therapy devices (regardless if they are TENS or EMS or Combo Units). The electrodes that are included in the package are standard and economic pads, which work properly for an initial usage, but considering that in the market there are far more reliable electrodes, you might want to consider adding some silver electrodes to the cart before you buy. The other is that the EMS 7500, although being durable comes with a 9V battery that will eventually die out. I you plan to use this device a lot, we recommend that you purchase a spare for replacements.  

In conclusion, is it worth a purchase?

Yes, you can’t go wrong with the EMS 7500. It is a great reliable device that is not only cost effective, it also gives you your money’s worth.

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