Comfort on Wheels: The Ventura 4 Wheel Scooter Review

There are many mobility scooters in the market today, and getting one is an important investment that most people do not take lightly.  Getting the ideal scooter from the many options available can be a bit confusing for the average person. That is why we here at Discount Medical Supplies decided to review the Ventura 4 Wheel Scooter, 18" Captains Seat, one of our better selling mobility scooters and gather feedback from customers who have purchased it. We wanted to see why is it so popular and if it is worth a purchase. Here is what we found:

Product Features

The Ventura 4 features a combination of size, performance and comfort. It’s designers made this scooter with the intention to provide the users a feel of a far superior scooter, distancing themselves from the traditional models that we all have come to know. It is a Class 3 Mobility Scooter, meaning it is ideal for any terrain and it can handle pretty much almost any surface. Great for outdoor transport, it has a 36AH battery that can provide a maximum of up to 22 miles of range, enduring longer distance driving. It also has four-wheel configuration, making it very stable with greater handling and control on rougher terrains. The wheels are made with an anti-tip design for additional safety. This scooter has a top speed of 5 MPH, with a drive system of 24V x 350W x 5100rpm, and it has a high comfort foldable chair and arm rests. It also has electromagnetic breaks, a 4 Amp, Off Board Charger, Rearview mirrors and a full lighting package that includes headlight, front and rear turn signals and rear parking lights.


What our customers like about this product

People who purchased the Ventura 4 have praised and raved about different aspects of the scooter, however the majority of them are mentioning comfort as one of the high points. The folding seat is fully padded and adjustable, with great fitting arm rests that are also fully adjustable. The power of the scooter is also that they are very pleased about, as it can handle rougher outdoor terrain with greater ease. And finally, and arguably most important, this is a steady, reliable and safe scooter, its anti tipping design and sturdy built allows for peace of mind at all times.

What our customers do not like about this product

There isn’t so much as negative feedback per se, but the comments from customers who purchased the Ventura 4 and are not having the best optimal experience with it, did not seek to get something more in line to what they actually need. For example, this Scooter is designed to handle extended driving and it is not foldable to fit in a car. Also, and this is in no way a flaw, it has more features than the regular scooter, and even though is it very easy to drive, so users that are very tech-friendly might have a problem getting used to it at first. Perhaps the only detail worth mentioning is that this scooter has a slightly above average speed. It might not be as fast as other scooters of its kind, but what it lacks on speed it makes up for in comfort.

Is it worth a Purchase?

Yes, but one thing must be said: this scooter is ideal for active users who will take this scooter outdoors and plan to use for extended periods of time. For users thinking of getting a more compact and simple scooter, might want to consider a different model.

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