Compact First Aid Kit and The Principles of First Aid Care

A compact first aid kit is one of those items that is better to have while at the same time hoping that you never have to use it. An emergency is always best left to the professionals, whether they are doctors, nurses, paramedics, or emergency medical technicians (E.M.T’s). However, they may not be able to arrive on time, leaving you literally as the first aid, until they get where you are, or you where they are. There are other cases too where calling an ambulance is a waste of time and resources; you can take care of minor cuts and scrapes yourself, especially with a handy compact first aid kit.
As useful as this kit can be, it doesn’t hurt to have an understanding of what first aid entails. Believe it or not, first aid dates back to the 11th century, provided by the aptly named Knights Hospitaller. However, modern first aid as we know it today was conceived until the 19th century when the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement was officially founded. First aid treatment is staple of wartime (in a good way), thus the military is quite adept at it. However, it can be administered in everyday life, and as a result other organizations such as the Scouting movement also excel at it.
The three main goals of first aid are preserving life (which is indeed the prime directive of all medical care); preventing additional harm by relocating the patient, providing CPR, or stopping bleeding; and promoting recovery by properly applying first aid techniques. Then there is the ABC of first aid; airway, breathing, and circulation. There may or may not be an additional D, which would stand for either deadly bleeding, or defibrillation. Moreover, depending on the organization, there may be an extra three or four B’s, meaning breathing, bleeding, bones (and brain).
Now you may be wandering, ‘could I ever achieve all of that and live up to the ideals of first aid care with my compact first aid kit?’ The answer to that question is that the first aid kit could be the first step in your quest to train and learn all that you need to know to about how to provide first aid treatment to those who need it, whether they are friends and family, or strangers. After all, these are basic yet life-saving skills that we all should know about, and this compact first aid kit may be the starting point; as they say, it’s never too late to start.