BD Conventional Syringe Only (No Tip Shield) Review

People with diabetes frequently have no choice but having to deal with syringes on a regular basis. Whether insulin shots are administered to them by a caretaker, or they handle them themselves, they need to be keep syringes near them around the clock. This conventional, no tip syringe meets all the practical requirements that such an item should have, along with a price that will permit you to acquire as many as you could possibly need. Furthermore, the usefulness of this product is not limited to diabetic individuals, even though that’s what they are usually associated with.
The fact is that these syringes have many other alternative uses. For example, they may play a major role in certain post-surgery conditions, vitamin deficiency, and as a vessel for intramuscular medication. Moreover, they are compatible with conventional or safety needles. And just so we cover all of the bases, let’s mention that syringes have non-medical uses as well, such as in cooking. Chefs are known to use them to inject liquids (e.g. gravy) into other foods, for example juices into meat or filling into pastry, and also in the making of certain candies.

Rudimentary syringes have been employed since as early as the 1st century, as noted by Roman encyclopaedist Aulus Cornelius Celsus. Obviously they have evolved ever since, to the point of becoming multiple purpose tools like the BD conventional syringe. On the other hand, they remain simple mechanisms. A syringe is basically a pump made up of a plunger and a cylindrical barrel; the former fits tightly into the latter. The plunger is pulled to take in liquid or gas, and pushed to expel it. The syringe may or may not be added a needle or a nozzle on the top, to streamline the inflow and outflow.
On principle, a syringe may seem very simple to use. However, lack of awareness can have unpleasant consequences. For instance, did you know that injecting air into a blood vessel can lead to air embolisms? Thus, it is vital to remove air from the syringe. It pays to know such facts, like the difference between subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. If you or someone you know needs regular injections as part of a given course of treatment, getting a BD conventional syringe is the first step in the right direction. But remember that taking the necessary further steps to learn how to properly use it is your responsibility.