The CurityNonAdhering Dressing Gauze Review


Wound care dressings and supplies do not tend to get much attention from product reviewers, but considering on how this is one of our better selling items we decided to shine a light on the Curity Non-Adhering Dressing Gauze. Like we are used to do, we have gathered feedback from customers who have purchased this item from our store and we have asked them their opinions about this item.

CurityNonAdhering Dressing Gauze Features

The very first feature that is obvious (as it is on the product’s name) is that is in fact Non-Adhesive. This feature is important because, when using this product and applying this to a exudating wound, it is important to help the wound heal faster for the dressing to not adhere to the sensible skin and tissue. This dressing contains an oil emulsion blend impregnated into an open mesh, knitted fabric dressing. It has been designed to allow free drainage of exudate away from wound. Ideal for donor sites, delicate suture lines, graft sites and draining wounds.


What our customers like about the CurityNonAdhering Dressing Gauze?

When gathering information about this product and feedback from our customers, we saw that for different customers, the dressing was employed almost in a different part of the body, and the comments we received about it were pretty much the same all around. This dressing is light comfortable and it provides a healthy environment for the wound to heal. The fact that it doesn’t adhere to the skin, allows for a safer healing process. Another feature that was mentioned by our customers as a plus is how light the dressing is, making it very comfortable and easy to get accustomed to. Also, it should be noted that the way the Curity Non-Adhering Dressing Gauze is packed allows for the dressing to be used immediately.

What our customers don’t like about the CurityNonAdhering Dressing Gauze?

Placing a gauze dressing and securing it on the wound demands, at the very least some previous knowledge on how to tend for a wound or injury. This is information easy to access and can be instructed by a physician. Not placing the gauze properly or securing it adequately could lead for it to fall. So before using it it is important that you physicians instructions are followed to a tee.


With the Curity Non-Adhering Dressing Gauze you can be sure of your purchase. Amongst the many different kinds of dressings available in our catalogue this is one of our top sellers and for good reason. Customers who have purchased it, always come back for more and, in a sense, that’s perhaps the best compliment we can give this product.

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