Daily Living Aids to go from Sit to Stand

As time goes by, the physical strength of a person starts decreasing. We can see that in our grandparents as they get slower and require some extra help when they sit, stand or walk.  The quality of life a person has led will play a big role in this particular area. While there are healthy individuals that are still involved in physical activities into their 80s, there are not able to because they did not incorporate a good diet and exercise when they were younger.  Every year, senior adults over 65 are victims of falls and accidents due to the weakened condition of their musculoskeletal system.  Daily living aids come in handy when people reach this moment of their lives and Discount Medical Supplies has them all. These tools have been engineered to help the user move independently and to lower the possibilities of falls, trips, and accidents.
From Sitting to Standing
Something as basic as going from a sitting position to a standing position is in a way considered the first step to physical independence.  After you stand up, you are able to walk anywhere you need to.  When we do not have the ability to do this simple skill, we are prone to be institutionalized for the limitations we incur and for how difficult it can get for us and others with the fact that we cannot perform daily activities.

 A product like the Uplift Seat Assist by Invacare Supply Group, can be of great help for those who have a hard time taking a standing position after sitting.
This self-powered uplift seat assistant provides a gentle push up for the user to be able to easily get out of armchairs and sofas.  It comes with a patented LeveLift technology that will avoid any forward dumping motion. It is able to lift up to 70% of the user's body weight simply by just leaning forward a bit.  This great product can hold up to 230 lbs and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Another wonderful product that can assist a person to lift from a sitting position is the Stander's Security Pole and Curved Grab Bar.  

This pole is mounted from the ceiling to the floor.  It features a pivoting curved grab bar that allows the person to hold it from four alternate positions. It is easily assembled and it brings rubber pads to that the floor and ceiling get are protected from any scratches.  It can help a person that weights up to 300 lbs get to a standing position.

Many senior citizens out there still like to take their cars out for a spin. However, some have stopped doing it because of how hard it is for them to get in and out of the car. The HandyBar by Invacare Supply Group is a great way for them to regain confidence is driving and holding on to that sense of independence that no one wants to lose. This heavy duty product has an ergonomic grip covered in rubber and allows the driver to easily get out of any vehicle. Easily set into the locking system of the car.

Grab bars have become an essential product in the households where there is at least one elderly member.  The Safe-er-Grip Suction Tub Bar is great for bathrooms. For those who need extra help when getting up from a commode or toilet seat, or from a shower chair, this products comes very handy.  It features suction vents that firmly hold on to the wall.