Dealing with Urinary Incontinence at Work

Work can be very stressing sometimes and if you are one to suffer from urinary incontinence, it can be a whole lot more stressing than average.  To many it can be a taboo or a reason to be ashamed of themselves, however this condition is so common nowadays even in the working population.  Nobody wants to deal with the inconveniences of urinary incontinence at work, however if it happens, knowing exactly what incontinence supplies will help you through the day will ease that stress.

Although it is more common in women, urinary incontinence can affect people of any age. In a workplace, more than a third of women suffer from this condition. This goes to show you just how common the issue is.  Gracefully, the products available nowadays allow the user to be completely discreet about their condition while they are at work. When someone suffers from urinary incontinence at their workplace, the following steps should be taken to decrease any embarrassing moments or unpleasantness.

The first and most important step is to be completely honest about what you are going through with your manager or supervisor. They need to be aware of the condition so they can understand your frequent trips to the restroom.  Having your physician write a note to back you up is a great idea.  It can result a bit uncomfortable to have this conversation with someone at work but in the end, it will avoid you running into problems that will affect your performance at work.

The second step is having the proper incontinence supplies at home and at work to be able to deal with any setbacks of the condition.  Disposable undergarments should always be at hand.  They will assist not only in avoiding shameful moment but also at the same time they will protect the furniture you sit on. Sometimes at many workplaces, such as call centers, you have chairs being switched around, and you do not want to leave any stains. 

If you want to play it safe, or safer, you may want to have some underpads available at all times. Although they are mainly used to protect bed mattresses, they can also be placed on car seats, on office chairs and furniture and pretty much anywhere you sit on to provide an extra protection layer that will back you up if your disposable undergarment fails.  You can either go for the washable ones of the disposable options that can be thrown away after each use.

Incontinence issues in the workplace can be difficult and frustrating, but taking these simple steps will help to keep things under control.  Be sure to take frequent trips to the bathroom to keep your bladder empty, and avoid physical exertion whenever possible, as physical stress can cause accidents.

Incontinence can make it very difficult for people and can easily frustrate anyone that has to go through it at a workplace. However, it is really nothing to be concerned about if these simple steps are followed. Discount Medical Supplies has everything incontinent patients need to deal with their condition on a daily basis.