Digital Ultima Five TENS Poduct Review

The Digital Ultima Five TENS unit is a portable dual-channel device that is a quality purchase for a value price. This unit has five different modes and is completely ready to use almost as it comes out of the box. It is fully portable and comes with a soft carrying case so you can take it with you anywhere you want. It is one of the most popular TENS units in the market today because of how easy it is to operate and how well it performs.


Digital Ultima Five TENS unit Product Features

  • The Digital Ultima Five TENS unit is a Dual-channel devices that comes with five available modes, allowing you to set it for what you may need.
  • It is made with adjustable pulse width and pulse rate, with a maximum charge of 20 micro coulombs per pulse.
  • It was two different wave forms: Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular and Mono-phasic rectangular
  • Large LCD screen , clearly visible and easy to read. It will indicate you when the power supply voltage is below 6.5 volts.
  • Works with two AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries 

What buyers like about the Digital Ultima Five TENS unit 

  • The Digital Ultima Five TENS unit is a top seller device because those who try it love it and rarely seek for another alternative afterwards. It is very easy to use, easy to adjust and it is very convenient as it is pocket size.
  • The adjustable modes work just fine and allows the patient to locate the correct settings for their needs quickly.
  • Since it is a dual channel unit is can provide pain relief in two separate areas in the body, or provide relief to a specific area of the body on a wider range.
  • The way this unit is designed, it can be used almost anywhere at anytime. It alleviates acute or chronic pain, can provide relaxation to muscular spasms, and improves local blood circulation.

What buyers don’t like about the Digital Ultima Five TENS unit 

  • While some customers simply love the fact that this machine operates with AA batteries, there are some who have expressed that they would rather have a 9-Volts battery or a lithium battery. We recommend that if you do buy this TENS unit to make the investment and get good quality rechargeable AA batteries.
  • The electrodes that are included in the package work fine and are completely reusable, however as it is advised with almost all other TENS units, it is wise to consider getting silver electrodes for a maximized treatment.
  • Finally, there has been some reported cases where the plastic cover and clip has broken. We recommend you be careful with the device and when not in use to keep it in the carrying case.


If you experience chronic pain and are seeking for a reliable solution. A unit that is portable and you can be sure that it will get the job done, look no further. Digital Ultima Five TENS is a great quality option.