Electrodes for TENS/EMS Units Review

Electrodes are conductors through which a current travels. More than that, electrodes are the liaison between a TENS or EMS unit, and your body. They are attached to the part or parts of your body that need therapy, and thus they become the channels that the signals sent by the pain management device travel on their way to your nerve terminals. If you already own a TENS/EMS machine you know how important electrodes are to the healing of your muscles and joints. Furthermore, you are aware how important it is to avail yourself of these items. Luckily, we have many models and varying sizes from which to choose.

We have 2” square cloth electrodes, 2” square blue cloth electrodes, 1.5” square cloth electrodes, 4”x6” butterfly cloth electrodes, 1.5” reusable electrodes (square tan cloth), 2” square white cloth electrodes, and 2” square foam electrodes. Most of these items come in packs of four units. The adjectives square, foam, cloth, blue, white and tan, are no doubt self-explanatory as to the shape, fabric and color of these products. As for the butterfly electrodes, they are differently shaped to resemble precisely their namesake insect. As you can see, electrodes are certainly not lacking in the variety department.

Even though there is an electrode specifically labeled as reusable, the truth is that they are all designed to be attached, peeled off, and reattached time and time again. In order to ensure that they remain in place after many electrotherapy sessions, they have been generously endowed with two layers of adhesive gel, for extra stickiness. At the same time, they are comfortable and painless to wear. In other words, they are firm but inconspicuous. Moreover, these electrodes have manufacture with a view to enhance conductivity and distribute the electrical current widely and evenly on the area where they are applied.

Some of the body parts where they can be attached include the neck, back, arms, and knees. In that sense, they can be considered ‘all-terrain’ products, especially due to their diversity in shapes and sizes. In spite of their two-tiered adhesive gel, their strong grip will not leave marks or residue of any kind on the skin. Users frequently employ these electrodes to ease the pain and foment the healing of injured muscles and joints, as well as a part of their warm up before working out. Additionally, they can be an element of post-operatory therapy.