EMS 5.0 Electronic Muscle Stimulator Review

Sometimes exercise is the quickest way to heal an injured muscle, but what to do if the injury is such that it makes it impossible for the muscle to exercise? The answer is to give it a chance to exercise passively. This can be attained with the help of an electronic muscle stimulator, like the EMS 5.0. Sure, the machine may be doing all the work, but your muscles will still benefit from the exertion and soon enough you will be back on your two feet. And even after your injury has healed, you may still be able to use the EMS 5.0 to condition and tone your healthy muscles. 
This product works in a very simple fashion. First of all, it is a dual channel unit, so you can attach either 2 or 4 pre-gelled electrodes to a specific muscle or muscle group. The electrodes will transmit electronic impulses to that muscle, stimulating it, loosening its fibers, contracting and relaxing it, and promoting circulation around it. All of this contributes to ameliorate injured muscles and develop growth. This is how a particular muscle can be isolated and stimulated without running the risk of injuring it even further.
Since every person’s muscles are different, the EMS 5.0 has different levels of intensity that can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs. In that same vein, a built-in timer allows you to set the length of the therapy session, and even automatically turns the unit off in case you forget to set a determined period of time. This electronic muscle stimulator also has adjustable contraction (1-30 sec.) and relaxation (1-45 sec.) times, asymmetrical bi-phase square pulse wave form, 1, 3 or 5 second ramp time, and a 230 micro-coulomb max charge/pulse. Included in the price are a 9v battery power source, a belt clip, a hard plastic case, two pairs of pin style lead wires, and the aforementioned electrodes.
The EMS 5.0 is recommended to relax spasms and prevent disuse atrophy, as well as part of the treatment for conditions like Bell’s palsy, spasticity, stress incontinence, immobilized limbs, and muscle weakness, among others. If your prostrate or having problems moving around due to injuries fear not that the EMS 5.0 will encumber you in any way whatsoever. The entire unit weighs a measly 115 grams, including the battery. It’s important to note too that it is covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.