Fast Pain Relief: How Biofreeze Works


When pain hits all you want to do is get rid of it as fast as possible. Biofreeze can do that, it is a fast pain relief and here is how biofreeze works.


Biofreeze is an over-the-counter topical analgesic that comes in a variety or versions according to the application:

Roll-onAbdominals, Bicep, Feet, Forearm, Hips, Neck, Shoulder, Thigh.
SprayFeet, Shin
Hands-free: Feet, Knee, Neck, Wrist.
GelAbdominals, Bicep, Chest, Hips, Shin, Shoulder, Thigh, Torso.

Biofreeze soothes pain sensations that come from muscular pains to joint discomfort. When pain strikes, immediately nerve cells or neurons catch it and send the “information” to the spinal cord that relays the message to the brain causing it to react and therefore feel the sensation of pain.

Once biofreeze is applied to the discomfort area those same neurons that first caught the pain message, receive a different one of relief and rapidly block the initial pain information they sent, otherwise known as the gate control theory of pain. The same sensation that is caused by ice. Another reaction from biofreeze is that it’s active ingredient, menthol, reaches those nerve cells and that contact makes them release calcium ions and it is said that these adjust the pain signal.

Aside from using ice, how biofreeze works is a better alternative since ice could produce skin irritation or stiffness and it has been scientifically proven that biofreeze can decrease pain nearly 2 times as much as ice. Biofreeze is also a good alternative from drugs and other medications and has come to be number one in its category of topical analgesics.

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