Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow Review


Getting enough sleep is fundamental for everybody to start a new day properly, for that Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow is an innovative pillow that unites a recessed core for gentle support of the head, neck and shoulders. The way this pillow was designed is to make you avoid tossing and turning in bed before you fall asleep. Here at discount Medical Supplies we take a closer look into this special post about it.

Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow Features

The Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow features a unique blend of soft polyester fiber for comfort; polyester fiberfill holds the shape of the user’s head. Recommended by Chiropractors as it is evenly filled so it can provide great support while being soft and patient friendly. Helps maintain proper cervical spinal alignment during sleep. Proper cervical alignment is essential for patients that have suffered neck sprain or strain. Being properly aligned reduces pressure on the injured tendons, ligaments and muscles. Fits on a standard size pillow case.


What our customers like about the Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow?

The most recurrent comment made by our customers who have bought this pillow, is that how easy it feels on their necks. The Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow helps them keep aligned while providing comfort to assure a good night sleep. The fill material of the pillow is soft and patient friendly. After using the pillow for a couple of nights the results are evident and they keep using it as their regular pillow.

What customers don’t like about the Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow?

Humans are habit based creatures, and as such daily routines such as sleeping has a habit and a routine. For people with a really light sleep and “rigorous” sleeping habit, in the sense that they always sleep with the same type of pillow, will have some time to adjust to theFiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow. Even though is soft as any other pillow, this particular item shifts their head and neck position and it might take a night or two to get used to it. But other than that, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

Is it worth a purchase?

Yes. The Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillowis a great aid and a drug free remedy for common ailments such as tension headaches, neck spasms, arthritis, whiplash, post-spinal surgery and even snoring. Most of the users how have used this Pillow love it and really feel the change and stay with it through out. Most of them who got one, will come back and get another one.

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