First Aid Kit Recommendations

first aid recommendations

Having a stocked and handy first aid kit is the number one advice given by the American Red Cross. Emergencies happen when we least expect them, which it is why it is important to always be sure that you have a complete kit and that you will be able to reach it quickly.

They are built in many shapes and sizes, no matter this fact, a first aid kit must have the basics recommended by specialists, such as:

*** Source: American Red Cross.

Be sure to add a flashlight and small battery radio to your first aid kit and be checking the batteries regularly when you do a revision of all items in the kit and their expiration dates. It is also important to keep personal items such as emergency phone numbers and other medications prescribed by your doctor.

There are also first aid kits already available to keep in your car and home. Also it might be a good idea to check if there is one available at your work space.

Discount Medical Supplies has almost all items recommended to keep on your first aid kit along with already assembled kits. Be ready at all times, no one knows when emergency may strike. Check with your local Red Cross chapter for any further information and instructions on how to use each item on your kit.

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