Free Wheelin’: The Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair Review


The Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair with Full Arms and Swing away Removable Footrest boasts of being a sturdy and durable wheelchair, and it is a contender to be one of the best of its kind. However, does it really live up to the hype? We at Discount Medical Supplies put it to the test and asked the customers who have purchased this wheelchair from our store to see if measures up to what it aims and claims to be.

Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair Features

As I already said, the manufacturers boast the durability and sturdiness of this wheelchair for a reason. It has a steel frame that to the touch and on plain sight looks that it is. It comes in an attractive powder coated, easy to maintain silver vein finish. It has urethane tires that are mounted on composite wheels to ensure durability and smooth rides over pretty much any surface. For comfort in has full arms support and a removable and adjustable footrest. The upholstery is made from nylon and it is lightweight durable and very easy to clean. It also has a convenient carry pocket the back rest for easily and safely.


What customers like about the Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair?

Amongst the comments most customers have made after purchasing the Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair with Full Arms and Swing away Removable Footrest, is that it provides comfort and security properly while it is also easy to manipulate and control. When caring for a loved one that is on a wheelchair, it is important to keep in mind that comfort and stability go pretty much hand in hand. Also another detail that was mentioned by our customers is how the Wheelchair rolls fine on pretty much all surfaces with great ease.

What Customers Didn’t Like About The Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair ?

Although the complaints, or shall we say concerns voiced by our customers who purchased this item, are pretty much scarce. The main detail that jumps to our attention is that for some people the dimensions of the wheelchair might not be suitable for them. However that is no as much as fault of the Item itself as the dimensions are expressed on its description. So, if you have specific needs for your wheelchair use, please be advised of the dimensions this, or ay other similar item has before purchasing.

Recommendations, is it worth a purchase?

Yes. If you are in need of a everyday life, active, moving wheelchair this is a great option.

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