Full Review of the Terumo Insulin Syringes


The Terumo Insulin Syringes are very popular among the Diabetes community and one of the top seller syringes in our medical supply superstore which is why we wanted to offer all Discount Medical Supplies customers a full review of the Terumo Insulin Syringes.

These specialized syringes are made by Terumo Medical Products a company that promotes itself with its 91 years history of success. It is a company focused on one really important aspect, your healthcare. They are based in Tokyo and is one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers.

The Terumo Insulin Syringes are hypodermic, latex free and were designed to provide the maximum patient comfort with the highest quality material and accurate dosing. the needles are permanently attached to keep a low dead space therefore minimizing waste of residual insulin. Depending on the patient’s dosage needs they come in different syringe sizes of 1cc, 1/2cc and 3/10cc.


The syringe comes in an individual sealed packaging to guarantee the sterility until it is opened. The clear barrel on these syringes provides bold scale readings for an accurate dosage. Additionally the needles are meticulously inspected to maintain a high quality consistency.

The feedback received from the users of these syringes are varied but all agree in one important fact, the excellence and easy usage of these needles which is great news for a full review of the Terumo insulin syringes. Plus another great thing on buying them at Discount Medical Supplies is the excellent price that you will not find better any other place, and if you do and have proof that it has been that way for over a month, we will meet or beat that price.

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