Give Your Doctor a Hand with the Intensity 5000 Hybrid

Getting an Intensity 5000 Hybrid is a step in the right direction towards managing chronic pain. That doesn’t mean it should be a step in the opposite direction that you and you were doctors were taking. Traditional pain therapy may be frustrating at times, but that’s no reason to give your physician his walking papers. Nor is the Intensity 5000 Hybrid meant to be a substitute for your therapist. The idea is for all of you to work together with the common goal to achieve pain relief. That’s why this unit is a class II medical device which has to be prescribed by a doctor.
Once you have consulted your physician about acquiring and using the Intensity 5000 Hybrid, and he has given you the permission to use it, he should still be aware of your progress. For example, if the pain doesn’t improve, or becomes more than moderate you should contact your doctor and get him up to speed. Your physician may be able to offer you pieces of advice that may seem obvious after hearing them, but that you may not have thought of before. 

For instance, he might tell you not to apply the Intensity 5000 Hybrid over painful areas, over or near cancerous lesions, over areas that present phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, or varicose veins. Further advice would include not using this device when you’re around electronic monitoring equipment such as cardiac monitors, or ECG alarms. This equipment may not function properly in the presence of the Intensity 5000 Hybrid. Moreover, users should not operate this unit while bathing or showering, while sleeping, or while driving or operating machinery. It should not be used either on children or on people who may be susceptible to lethal rhythm disturbances to the heart. 
Furthermore, if you suspect that you suffer from or have been diagnosed with heart disease or epilepsy, have been operated on recently, or if you tend to bleed internally; these are all situations that warrant a conversation with your doctor so that the best course of action can be determined. In general, don’t hold anything out on your physician while you use the Intensity 5000 Hybrid. Keeping the lines of communication open will only work in your favor, whether it is to avoid potential adverse reactions, or simply to speed up recovery.