Good Quality and Cheap Wound Care Supplies for First Aid Kits

Wounds and cuts are part and parcel of life.  They can happen at any time; and you must need to be prepared for treating them just when it happens. Keeping good quality yet cheap wound care supplies in your first aid kit can help you in treating small cuts and bruises at home all by yourself. 
WebMD notes that there are several items that need to be stored away in a first aid kit for treating wounds at home.  These supplies include allergy medicines, bandages, tapes, antibiotic cream, and several other wound care accessories. 
The Essential Items
The following are some of the essential cheap wound care supplies that must be kept in a first aid kit at all times. 
A good antibiotic cream is necessary for keeping infectious organisms from entering the wound.  
Wipes and bandages are important wound care supplies that would be required for cleaning and covering the wound respectively. 
Medical Tape and band aids are also essential items that will be needed for wrapping the bandage or dressing around the wound.    
Besides these items, there are many other cheap wound care supplies that should be a part of the first aid kit used for treating small cuts and bruises at home. 

Products that work
For the wound care supplies to deliver the desired results, they need to be of a certain quality. The following are some of the products that have been found to be very effective in treating wounds. 
The Non-Adherent Gauze Dressing by Invacare Supply Group is an excellent wound care dressing that is absorbent in nature but does not stick to the wound. It is available for a very low price as well.
The 3M Healthcare Steri-Strip Adhesive Skin Closures are the cheapest band-aids available that also helps in healing the wound quickly and prevents infections from happening. 
Covidien’s CURASILK Cloth Tape is the best wound care tape available in the market that not only holds the dressing applied to the wounds in a secure fashion but is also extremely gentle on the skin as well.  
All of the above-mentioned products have proven credentials for wound treatment and can add a lot of value to any first aid kit. 
In short, dressings, band aids, tape and swipes are among the important wound care supplies that should be present in a first aid kit. 

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