Hollister Stoma Cap Review

According to wisegeek.com, a stoma cap is a round device that is placed over a stoma. They are usually sealed through wound care tape. There are many stoma caps available to ostomy patient: they all serve an essential function. However, all caps are not created equal.
 The Hollister stoma cap seems to stand out from the abundance of caps out there. This high-quality stoma cap is often preferred by patients and health care professionals alike, for its durability and protection.
Benefits of the Hollister Stoma Cap
Many benefits have been noted about the Hollister Stoma cap which include: 
It’s comprised of a soft and porous tape which makes it comfortable and breathable.
The cap provides a secure hold so a patient can feel comfortable in a number of situations and settings.
The cap features an absorbent pad that cushions, yet it will not stick to the stoma.
An integrated filter and odor barrier gives a greater sense of security and confidence. 
The entire cap is extremely lightweight and comfortable. Many patients forget that it’s even there. 
The Hollister stoma cap is ideally used in between irrigation systems. 
There are two options to choose from including 2 inches or 3 inches.

There are many more benefits for this stoma cap but at the end of the day, patients are happy with its feel, security and flexibility.
Securing your Stoma Cap
Once a patient has decided on a Hollister Stoma Cap, one of the most important steps involves securing it into place so it can perform its tasks effectively. Wound care tape is a great way to get this accomplished. 
A couple of choices include:
Johnson and Johnson Zonas Porous Tape is strong, durable and diverse. The porous material of the tape allows for perspiration to be removed from the skin, keeping the area dry and comfortable. The special edges allow this tape to be torn easily without the use of scissors.
3M Healthcare 3M Transpore Tape is water-resistant and transparent. This is a great tape for securing a stoma cap. The tape is hypoallergenic and latex-free. This product is also easily torn and convenient.
A Hollister stoma cap is a great product for those that want to feel secure when it comes to protecting a stoma. Patients will know that they are well-protected round the clock while enjoying comfort at the same time. Adding wound care tape further boosts that level of security a notch higher.